“We don’t know what to do;” Tenants at Windham apartment complex say maintenance problems are going unrepaired

Published: Oct. 12, 2023 at 5:31 PM EDT|Updated: 11 hours ago
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WINDHAM, Ohio (WOIO) - Tenants at a local apartment complex are feeling deserted.

They say they haven’t had a maintenance worker since April and the property issues keep piling up.

“I shouldn’t have to live like this,” said Pat Schaefer, a tenant at an apartment complex in Windham.

91-year-old Pat Schaefer is overwhelmed and feeling helpless.

She’s lived in her apartment on Community Road in Windham for more than thirty years, and in the last year things have gone downhill fast.

“Everything is broke here and this is why we called you,” said Schaefer. “Because we don’t have anyone to fix it up. We don’t know what to do… any of us.”

The list of maintenance issues are endless; broken pipes, leaky ceilings, and a bath tub that doesn’t drain properly and is starting to grow mold.

It’s bad enough, Schaefer put her money in escrow in may.

The village of Windham is well aware of the issues. They recorded them during a housing inspection. More than than 30 violations, in fact.

They sent the owner, H & Y Property Holdings LLC this letter, notifying them they had 30 days to fix the problems, or they’d bring them to court.

The deadline was extended because the village had trouble figuring out where the letter should be delivered.

“I hope somebody gets ahold of this landlord, or this owner, and makes him repair here,” said Schaefer.

So we tried, and got ahold of someone immediately.

According to H & Y Property Holdings, the property was recently sold to a new owner.

So we tracked him down.

He called us back and assured us, safety is his number one priority and he plans to meet the 60 day deadline to get the problems fixed.

He also stressed he didn’t receive anything from the Village of Windham until this past summer, when the previous owner forwarded him a letter.

He says he is now working with the village and inspector to comply with all regulations.

As always, the 19 Troubleshooters will stay on this until we see some action.